Garden Workers in Kirkuk have not been paid for two months

Kirkuk, Garden Workers protest against their salaries delay, February 5, 2020. Photo: KirkukNow

KirkukNow- Kirkuk

Several workers of Kirkuk’s directorate of gardens have not received their last two months salaries.

On Wednesday February 5, representatives of over 600 workers of directorate of gardens protested against their salaries delay of last two months.

Said Mohammed Bilal Kakai, speaker of the assembly, said, “we clean the gardens and have not received salaries for last December and January.”

The workers, who protested, receive 12 thousand Iraqi Dinars ($10) daily and work from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. based on their agreement.

Bilal Kakai met with the Kirkuk Governorate’s authorities and claims “have been promised to spend their salaries.”

Twana Abdul Majeed, head of Directorate of Garden, which is under the administration of Kirkuk Municipality, explained that they have sent a letter to the Kirkuk’s administration to spend the salaries of the 600 workers and at the movement they are waiting for a budget.

500 of the workers clean up the gardens and the others workers are the guardians of the gardens.

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