Planner of recent abduction of seven people in Qara Tapa arrested in Kirkuk

Kirkuk, A main street in Daquq, 44 km south of Kirkuk, 2017. Photo: KirkukNow


Daquq Intelligence reveals that it has arrested the person “who planned and led” the recent abduction of seven people in Qara Tapa, Khanaqin, Diyala Province and claims that he “has confessed he committed the crime.”

A source within Daquq intelligence on Thursday, February 6, said, “on February 5’s late night, in an operation led by Daquq special intelligence team, we arrested a person in Kirkuk who is accused of planning and leading the abduction of eight people in Qara Tapa road.”

 “The suspect has confessed that he was the planner of the kidnapping and has relations with ISIS,” the source added.

The suspect is from Diyala province but has been displaced to Daquq due to ISIS war.

Security committee of Qara Tapa announced that seven persons were abducted at 6 p.m. on Thursday, January 30 at a fake checkpoint and a person was killed in the incident.

Before the operation, a team from Diyala Intelligence came to Daquq and asked for the address of the suspect and later explained that he is accessed of planning the abduction, the source explained, we told them to leave the operation to use and we arrested him in Kirkuk.

The suspect had left Daquq before the Diyala’s intelligence arrival to the district. He, who owned a grocery store in Daquq, has been transported to Diyala’ intelligence after his arrest.

Earlier Security committee of Qara Tapa subdistrict told KirkukNow that, “according to our information, ISIS carried out the kidnap. Initially, they sat up a checkpoint and later started shooting the cars until they stopped them. The shooting resulted in the death of a person who was a Turkmen having his child with him.”

In the area were the abduction happened, there is merely one Iraqi Forces Brigade while, there is 63 villages which require more forces to secure according to Haji Omar, who is head of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) committee.

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