Yazidi man 'hung' himself after divorcing his wife

Adil Kcho hung himself after divorcing hiswife

Ammar Aziz- Nineveh

Adil Kcho, a displaced Yazadi, was found dead in his tent the day after he divorced his wife.

At 8 a.m. on February 5, 2020, people in Bersive camp in Zakho district found that that Kcho hung himself in his tent.

“He did not have any salary. He was a worker and seemed alone especially after divorcing his wife. Perhaps, it was the reason for this suicide,” Marwan Khudida, Kcho’s counsin, said.

Kcho and his wife on February 4, a day before the incident, formally proceesed their  divorce in Domiz court. Their religious divorce was performed on January 28.

Their divorce happened after seven years of marriage. Adil Kcho and Hayat Nawaf have two child who are Vyan, five year old, and Zhyar,three year old.

When I found that he hung himself, I cried a lot

“When I found that he hung himself, I cried a lot. I tried to see his body before being buried, but his family did not allow me and said that I was the reason for his death,” Hayat Nawaf, divorced wife of Kcho, said.

They were in a relationship and later got married.

“Our life was like heaven, we did not have any issue, but due to our families’ problems our problems accumulated and our life turned into hell,” she added.

Our life was like heaven

Adil Kcho and Hayat Nawaf “together made the decision to divorce “and now Hayat lives with her two children.

Kcho’s entire siblings live in Germany. He had five brothers and a sister. He alone lived with his wife in the camp.

Marwan Khudida, Kcho’s cousin, who lives in the same camp, said, “his family went abroad three years ago and he remained in the camp with his wife. At the beginning, they were very glad but lately got problems which ended with the incident.”

Kcho’s death is still under investigation but pathologists’ preliminary results show he committed suicide.

Mahir Rasho, head of Bersive camp, said that, “information from early investigation reveal that he hung himself in his tent.”

He mentioned that no one of his family has filed any lawsuit.

“After the divorce, he was very bad mentally because his siblings are in Germany and he lived with his cousin. Perhaps, he might not have survived the divorce,” Rasho claimed.

Perhaps, he might not have survived the divorce

This is the second incident of suicide in IDPs camps. Earlier, on January 24, in Esyan camp in Sheikhan district, Anwar Khdir, 21, hang himself in his tent.

In the recent days, International Organization for Migration (IOM) in an announcement mentioned that suicide incidents are on rise among the IDPs and those who return to their hometowns. IOM also organized a seminar on the matter in Hassan Sham camp.

Based on statistics KirkukNow published before, in 2018, approximately 20 Yazidi girls and boys committed suicide in the camps.

Thousands of other Yazidi families have been experiencing a difficult life and have not been able to return to their hometown due to lack of services, reconstructions and stability.


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