New director appointed to Kurdish Education Directorate in Sinjar

Duhok, a classroom of Yazidi IDPs in Kabartu Camp. Photo: Ammar Aziz

Ammar Aziz- Nineveh

A new director has been appointed to the Kurdish Education Directorate in Sinjar by Duhok administration after the absence of the former director for three months.

Duhok Education Directorate appointed Maysar Haji Salh as the new director of Kurdish Education Directorate in Sinjar that is administered by Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

Maysar Haji Salh said, “I entered office on Monday, February 10. Through this position, I will try to serve the students the best.”

The new director, 51, is a Yazidi and is from Tal Banat village in Sinjar. He is a graduate of the department of French literature at the university of Mosul and served for five years as a member of Sinjar district council.

The replacement came after the absence of Hussein Khdir, former director, who was supposed to be on leave of absence for five days in last November. However, he neither came back to office, nor did he inform education directorate authorities.

Yassin Khalaf, who was the acting head of education directorate, stated, “the former director did not return to office, and as a result, the Ministry of Education of KRG dismissed him.”

Kurdish Education Directorate in Sinjar administrates 57 elementary, secondary and high schools as well as four so called fast schools. The directorate’s office is based in Semel district, western Duhok.

Maysar Haji Salh mentioned that he will make some changes in order to better administer the directorate and will lead an initiative to help return the students of the camps to Sinjar.

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