KirkukNow: Welcome to the Media4Women Award!


 KirkukNow announces the Media4Women award in Iraq on the International Women’s Day as part of the Media4Women campaign. The Award is the first initiative in Iraq, recognizing the outstanding works towards inclusive and equal portrayal of women by the media.

 The award is part of an international campaign called Media4Women in which 48 media outlets and 21 countries are members of and led by (M4W) of the Free Press Unlimited.  The campaign will continue for the first two weeks of March, 2020. 

Submission Requirements

  • The article should demonstrate success stories of women and the content should generally be positive. 
  • The article should not have been published before and they should specifically be sent to KirkukNow.

The competition is now launched and the deadline for applying is 5 March 2020.

The award will be given at a special ceremony at KirkukNow and the winners will be able to join our team as a reporter. 

Deadline: March 5th, 2020

For any inquiry please contact: +9647515276690

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