Muddy road is barrier to IDPs mobility

Duhok, the muddy road of Karbato camps. Photo: Ammar Aziz

Ammar Aziz- Duhok

The road to Kabarto Camp in Duhok is muddy and full of potholes. Whenever it rains, it makes people’s mobility hard.

The road that leads to Kabarto one and two camps is only ten minutes away, but the muddy road takes 30 minutes.

“The road is bad to a degree that many people of the camp stay and do not get out of their tents because there are tens of potholes and it is muddy,” Rasho Jalal said.

Many people of the camp stay and do not get out of their tents

Jalal is a taxi driver and daily takes people of the camp to the city of Duhok and vice versa.

“I take that road 10 to 15 times a day. That is why I monthly pay car mechanics 100 thousand to repair my car,” he added.

The road poses threats to people with emergency health care. “Any person with an emergency case of pregnancy or health care needs 40 minutes to be transported to a hospital in Duhok. If the road is good, it will take 15 minutes,” Jalal continued.

campi kabartu (2)
Duhok, Karbato Camp road, 2020. Photo: Ammar Aziz

The road is narrow and is blocked in some areas due to heavy rains. Likewise, there are no traffic signs on the road.

The two camps house 25 thousand Yazidi and other IDPs.

Salim Sa’ed, head of media and public relation departments of Humanitarian Affairs Board, said, the distance form the two camps to the main road of the city of Duhok is a kilometer and half. It is correct that the road is bad, but no respective institutions or organizations have offered to renovate the road.”

Sa’ed explained that he has sent letters to numerous organizations in order to help them with renovating the road, but due to the cost of the renovation, no one has responded to their request.

Due to the cost of the renovation, no one has responded to their request

The IDPs, besides the muddy road, experience several other issues especially during cold weather. They have not been provided with proper services and enough kerosene to warm their tents.

After three years of ISIS defeat in the region, still thousands of Yazidis live in displacement and have not been able to their to district, Sinjar.

According to Joint Crisis Coordination Center more than 236 thousand Yazidis remain displaced after five years of Sinjar liberation from ISIS. 

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