Artificial grass again installed on sidewalks of Kirkuk

Kirkuk, artificial grass is once more being installed on sidewalks of the city

soran Mohammed-Kirkuk

Kirkuk municipality once more installs artificial grass on sidewalks of the city.

On Wednesday, February 12, Kirkuk local administration started making the city “green” with synthetic turf.

The administration installed it before, but windy weather wiped it out. Later the decision to put synthetic turf was nullified.

Twana Ali, head of Garden Directorate, earlier said, “the synthetic turf was removed due to a decision made Kirkuk administration and natural grass will be planted, instead.”

Kirkuk, the artificial grass removed to plant natural grass, December 2019. Photo: Soran Mohammed 

The new turf is greener than the previous one, and more materials have been placed underneath it to protect it from rainy and windy weather.

Ali explained that the local administration does not cooperate with the municipality and directly implement the projects.

Artificial grass was installed on sidewalks of the city last December. People criticized it and made jokes out of the project.

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