Crisis Cell in Diyala to allow movements of food from Kurdistan Region to Khanaqin amid shortage

Khanaqin, Vegetable store of Khanaqin, March 2020. Photo: Amir Khanaqini


The Crisis Cell in Diyala province decided to open Khanaqi-Kalar road to allow movements of vegetables and fruits that have become scarce in Khanaqin.

In the last week of March, Khanaqin faced vegetables and other food shortages, and their prices increased because of Khanaqin’s checkpoint closure with Kalar district, where goods used to flow to Khanaqin as well as the closure of Munzrya custom point with Iran located in Khanaqin.

The crisis cell to combat coronavirus decided to allow the movements of goods from the Kurdistan Region to the province until April 15.

KirkukNow earlier reported the shortage of vegetables and other goods in Khanaqin.

Diyala Local Administration earlier decided to entirely ban importing goods from the Kurdistan Region to the province, stating that the products are not checked at the customs. The only place where Diyala could earlier receive vegetables and other goods from was Baghdad.

Salih Kwekha, head of Garmyan administration, responded to such allegation and reaffirmed that the good go through quality control at the Parwiz Khan custom point.

In Diyala, like other Iraqi provinces, the curfew has been extended until April 11, which is aimed at preventing the spread of the virus.

The crisis cells have also decided to stop importing eggs until further notice, reduce prices of electricity by 50 percent by the local electricity generators, close all private gas stations, and open only one governmental gas station in each district.

In Diyala province, nine people have been infected with the virus, two died, and four have recovered. However, none one of the cases has been confirmed in the Khanaqin district. 820 cases have been confirmed as of now nationwide in Iraq.

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