Roadside bombs wound five police in Daquq, three in critical health condition

Kirkukm, Daquq, aftermath of a clash that resulted in death of six people, 2019. Photo: Mohammed Almas

Mohammed Almas- Daquq

A series of rocket attack, roadside bomb, and shooting targeted the Iraqi Federal Police (IFP), resulting in the injury of five, three of whom are in critical health condition.

The attacks started last night, Monday, April 6, at 11 p.m., when a rocket landed in Ali Sarai village in Daquq district. Later, gunmen started shooting at a checkpoint of IFP.

A security source in the district told KirkukNow, “clashes erupted between the gunmen and the IFP, in the meantime, when IFP forces headed to the village, a road side bomb exploded and wounded three of them.”

A source from Daquq Hospital confirmed to KirkukNow that the three police were admitted to the emergency unit of the hospital but later was moved to Kirkuk hospitals due to the severty of their injuries.

In addition, today, Tuesday, April 7, another roadside bomb targeted the IFP, which injured another two police.

The security situation in Daquq district, 44 km south of Kirkuk, has not been stable in the recent years. Occasionally, the insurgent groups attack civilian and the security forces.

The increasing insurgency have resulted in the evacuation of several villages in the region.

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