Garmyan administration blocks nearly 200 health employees to go to work in Kahanqin

Khanaqin, health employees are banned form traveling to Kahnaqin to work, April 2020. Photo: Exclusive to KirkukNow

Amir Khanaqini- Baghdad

Garmyan administration has blocked health care employees to go to work from Kalar district to Khanaqin. The employees are concerned about being dismissed.

The block has happened since the announcement of a curfew aimed at preventing the spread fo coronavirus, while Khanaqin administration needs the help of the employees to combat the virus.

Several of them, who wanted to remain anonymous due to the fear of dismissal, insisted that they have tried to go to the office in Khanaqin from Kalar. At the Kalar-Khanaqin checkpoint, they were told they can go, but will not be allowed to return to Kalar.

The employees are nurses and doctor assistants, as well as administrator workers, who are employees of the central government. Being absent at work have increased their fear of being dismissed.

“If we do not go to the office during this situation and do not offer service to the people, then when should we serve? We might get dismissed,” one of the employees said.

Sarmad Bayati, health director in Khanaqin, said, “approximately 200 of our health workers reside in Kalar district. Before the curfew, they used to come to work, but it is more than two weeks they are not allowed to come to Khanaqin.”

“We seriously tried with Garmyan administration to facilitate the movement of the employees, but it did not result in anything,” Bayati said.

He insisted that at the moment they need the help of the employees.

Kalar district is under the jurisdiction of the Kurdistan Regional Government, while Kahanqin district is administrated by the federal government.

Haval Ibrahim, the spokesperson of Garmyan administration, told KirkukNow that “it is the decision of the Operation Room of the Garmyan administration. We will let them go, but they have to stay in Khanaqin until the curfew is left.” 

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