Iraqi Christians celebrated Easter through social media live streaming amid national coronavirus lockdown

Nineveh, a few Christians are celebrating Easter in a church in Telskuf, April 12, 2020. Photo: Vektor Hakim.


Several churches in Kirkuk and Nineveh arranged Easter celebration through live streaming as coronavirus lockdown is in place.

Cardinal Louis Raphael Sako, the Chaldean patriarch, issued a statement in which he said, “ the Christians in the world cannot celebrate this occasion due to the current situation, but they can pray at home.”

He also hoped that the celebration would cause the resurrection and is a chance to take the responsibilities of life seriously.

Yesterday, Sunday, April 12, numerous churches on social media opened live streaming while celebrating Easter at the churches as they are closed due to the outbreaks of coronavirus.

According to the decisions made by the Iraq federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, the religious places such as mosques, churches, and temples are closed to prevent the spread of the virus.

Maria Yuhana Ma’mdan church in Kirkuk performed Easter Prayer and opened live streaming of the pray on Facebook at the same time.

In the Christian towns of Bartelaa and Telskuf in Nineveh plain, the Easter Prayers were performed in empty Churches, but it was streamed on Social media.

Easter is the resurrection of Jesus from the tomb on the third day after his crucifixion.

Religious places are not the only places closed due to the virus, but also there has been a national lockdown in Iraq to contain the spread of the virus.

1378 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Iraq, among which 717 have recovered, and 78 died.

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