Details on the case of beheaded police officer in Kirkuk

Kirkuk, policemen are investigating into the murder of a police officer whose corpse was dumped on a street, May 24, 2020. Photo: Soran Mohammed


Friends of the Kirkuk police officer beheaded him to steal his one million and 500 thousand Iraqi dinars (1,200 dollars), one of the detainees involved in the crime confessed, while the police forces are yet to arrest “the main criminal.”

Bahjat Anwar, who was a police officer, was found beheaded on a street on May 24, after 24 hours of his disappearance.

The latest statement of the ministry of interior on incident reveals that numerous people charged with the crime have been arrested, including the wife of “the main criminal.”

A top security source, who is familiar with the investigations, told KirkukNow that, “the woman confessed that she tied the police officer’s feet and his husband beheaded him, only to steal the officer’s one million and 500 thousand Iraqi dinars.”

The police officer had visited the house of the woman and men and had relations with them, on the day of the crime, the police officer had one million and 500 thousand Iraqi dinars with him, when the woman and her husband beheaded him and stole his money, according to the statement of the ministry of interior.

The woman has confessed that after beheading him, they put his body in the truck bed of his vehicle, and eventually abandoned the vehicle on a street near to the so called Fourth Bridge in Kirkuk.

bahjat (2)

A picture of the police officer, Bahjat Anwar, a father of five children. 

On the same day of the crime, the woman and her husband moved from their house in al-Nasir neighborhood to Shrika Tariq neighborhood. After three days, the security forces raided their house in Sharika Tariq and arrested the woman, but the man managed to escape.

The security source also told KirkukNow that the investigations are still ongoing and the security forces are seeking to arrest the man, adding that the entire security checkpoints of the province have been informed about the identity of “the main criminal.”

The statement of the interior ministry also mentions that through the footages of the security cameras, they have found the truck that was used to move the furniture of the house of the accused from al-Nasir neighborhood to Sharika Tariq neighborhood.

Besides the woman, four other persons have been arrested, one of whom is the driver of the truck, the second person is the owner of the house, the third one is their Kafil [Kafi is someone who claims to know someone or more people, when they want to reside in new a place, in this case for security reasons] and another person. “None of them was involved in the murder but only knew them.”

The man and woman used to live in Amrli sub-district in Tuz Khurmatu district, Salahuddin province but later moved to Tuz Khurmatu, the source said, adding that they also committed murder there and later moved to Kirkuk, where they beheaded the police officer.

The statement of the ministry also mentions that they have other criminal records at the courts in Baghdad and Salahuddin provinces.

Bahjar Anwar, the victim, was a father of five children and lived in the city of Kirkuk.

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