Seven Divorces Daily in Kirkuk for 18 in Nineveh

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By KirkukNow

198 divorces were registered daily in Iraqi provinces last year, including 18 in Nineveh, seven in Kirkuk and eight in Diyala.

According to the monthly marriage and divorce statistics published by the Supreme Judicial Council, 72,471 divorces were registered in 15 Iraqi provinces from the beginning across 2023, while more than 296,000 marriages were registered.

On average, 198 divorces were filed a day last year, with the highest number in August, and 810 marriages a day, the highest in October.

The number of divorces in Kirkuk province reached 2,538 cases this year, with seven divorces daily, while there were more than 13,000 new marriages.

There were 6,795 divorces in Nineveh, an average of 18 cases per day, with more than 33,000 marriages.

Eight divorces were registered daily in Diyala province, bringing the total to 2,865 cases compared to more than 12,000 marriages.

Last year, the highest number of marriages in the three provinces was in October, but divorce cases for Nineveh were in August, Kirkuk in October and Diyala in December.

The number of divorces in 2023 were lower than in 2022 and 2021, over 73,000 cases each.

Judges believe the main reasons for divorce are financial conditions which play a direct role in conflict between spouses, but also the level of education and incompatibility of thinking are other reasons, especially among young spouses, in addition to the rapid development of society and social networks causing tension and conflict between the couples.

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