A man killed his wife and cut her into pieces in Tal Afar, Nineveh province
A man killed his wife and cut her into pieces in Tal Afar, Nineveh province






Preserving the old film projection technique in Kirkuk‌


Ninewa’s Telaskuf Christians prepare for Christmas celebrations
Ninewa’s Telaskuf Christians prepare for Christmas celebrations‌


MPs in Kirkuk want the Council of Ministers to form an ethnically mixed brigade to repel 'ISIS' kills four people in a village in Kirkuk 86 camps still house thousands of IDPs across Iraq Commissioner of Jalawla subdistrict arrested amid charges of 'corruption and house destruction' Mass grave of Yazidis and Turkmen found in Tal Afar, Nineveh Province


Two displaced Yazidi children died in house fire People of Mosul cannot afford medical expenses Alleged ISIS insurgent groups become a real threat to Kakai villages Old Mosul lacks reconstructions Yazidi man 'hung' himself after divorcing his wife


A nine year old Lawand, a shout that was never heard Tough competitions between Al Jabouri and Al Ubaid tribes for power in Kirkuk Women hesitant to file sexual harassment complaints
Sexual harassment widespread in Kirkuk
The day al-Baghdadi declared his caliphate
Imam of Mosul’s al-Nuri mosque recalls what he witnessed
The October 16 events actually began on October 12


Kirkuk hosts international street theatre festival A theatre performance amid the ruins of Mosul The 5th anniversary of the Ezidi genocide Khanaqin youths launch street library project A Chamchamal village residents rewarded for abandoning FGM

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Arab IDP girl top student at Kurdish school Hammad Mussallat, an ISIS survivor, turns suffering into helping his community Rasha Wadi, a woman who strives to find jobs for her people Bitterness of captivity introduced Iman to the world From Shingal to Yerevan
Mirza Dinnayi, a doctor whose medicine is humanity

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IDPs of three camps buy Aziz's Torshi Mosul's oldest coffee shop has a special taste Renas, an IDP student, affords his family expenses from a grocery store Hassan Mohammed, 23 years of street selling Displacement is not a barrier to his hobby, pigeons
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