Newly-opened creativity center nurtures women’s talents in Talafar
Newly-opened creativity center nurtures women’s talents in Talafar






A Chamchamal village residents rewarded for abandoning FGM‌


Assyrians in Duhok celebrate Akito Day which marks the Assyrian New Year
Assyrians in Duhok celebrate Akito Day which marks the Assyrian New Year‌


Twelve Islamic State militants killed
Sources: The militants were killed in a joint Iraqi-US operation
US Chargé d'affaires in Iraq: There are armed groups acting outside the law throughout Ninewa Human Rights Watch: Torture of detainees continues in Mosul prison PUK official: our negotiating team ignored Kirkuk issue following their agreement with Massoud Barzani Twenty eight survivors of IS captivity return to Ninewa


Persistence and self-confidence turned these women into business owners in Garmian End of Islamic State group’s Caliphate leads Ezidis' hopes towards despair  Nawroz celebrated in disputed territories in festive atmosphere The story of Mazin and his companions’ escape from Baghouz to Shingal Disputes arise over land ownership in a Kirkuk village amid fears of escalation


KirkukNow reveals more about the Mosul disaster ISIS Succeeded with its Genocide Against the Yazidis Ezidi women who survived Islamic State brutality remain trapped in living nightmares The fall of Kirkuk in 2040 Salam Omer: KirkukNow is a bright example of professional media coverage


An old bridge in Mosul embraces a new tradition for lovers These families refuse to give up buffalo herding The Qishla of Kirkuk on the brink of collapse Renewing the Old Khanaqin says farewell to its last cinema

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Clara, a Christian woman dedicated herself to care for displaced people Wahid Kifri broke the shackles of society to pursue his dreams Khame Barakat: From surviving ISIS brutality to party leadership Despite their skepticism, Lara proved she is up to the task

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They burned down his small bookshop but he opened a bigger one Khairi and his group of volunteers undertake the excruciating task of searching for sunken Mosul ferry victims Eesa’s dream tries to make its way through the hustle and bustle of life Khalil’s coffee shop in Kirkuk brings all ethnic communities together Master Amir
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