Adnan Alzurfi challenges Shia house, a competition whose products yet to be harvested
Adnan Alzurfi challenges Shia house, a competition whose products yet to be harvested






Preserving the old film projection technique in Kirkuk‌


Ninewa’s Telaskuf Christians prepare for Christmas celebrations
Ninewa’s Telaskuf Christians prepare for Christmas celebrations‌


IDPs lack money and food amid coronavirus lockdown Kirkuk crude oil export increased in March Crisis Cell in Diyala to allow movements of food from Kurdistan Region to Khanaqin amid shortage Kirkuk: Two bomb explosions kill three and wound another three 300 to 500 Ezidi workers trapped in middle and south Iraq amid national lockdown


His father disappeared under Islamic State, his mother killed by airstrikes, and his grandfather abandoned him Kirkuk: Kurds are selling their houses Extremists damage graveyard of Polish people in Khanaqin Poverty rate in Nineveh province nearly doubled In detail, how an alleged ISIS member killed four persons in Dibis, Kirkuk


How IDPs deprived of voting in Iraqi federal elections ? Prime minister designation; Iraqi political deadlock Cemetery of Women or Cemetery of Unknowns? Iraqi youth in the middle of the way, a fight for participation in the political arena Iraqi women are at the forefront of the protests


Kirkuk hosts international street theatre festival A theatre performance amid the ruins of Mosul The 5th anniversary of the Ezidi genocide Khanaqin youths launch street library project A Chamchamal village residents rewarded for abandoning FGM

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Diyala: After losing her husband, Runak challenges societal norms and steps toward success Baghdad: Ammal Ibrahim reintegrates street children into society Narmin Othman: success of women is my success An Ezidi sun rises again Arab IDP girl top student at Kurdish school

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Narvin, a displaced 17 years old girl makes money from cloth designing in a camp IDPs of three camps buy Aziz's pickles Mosul's oldest coffee shop has a special taste Renas, an IDP student, affords his family expenses from a grocery store Hassan Mohammed, 23 years of street selling
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