Over 1,000 convicted prisoners to be transferred from Ninewa to deal with overcrowding
Over 1,000 convicted prisoners to be transferred from Ninewa to deal with overcrowding






Preserving the old film projection technique in Kirkuk‌


The 5th anniversary of the Ezidi genocide
The 5th anniversary of the Ezidi genocide‌


Kirkuk acting governor: Security situation in Kirkuk not bad KDP fails to reclaim its offices in Kirkuk KDP to reclaim its main headquarters in Kirkuk ahead of potential return Freezing of work of provincial councils will lead to chaos: says Kirkuk councilors Iraqi authorities leverage community policing to address challenges in disputed Khanaqin


Shingal: Schools suffer lack of supplies Former Kirkuk governor seeks partners to finalize electoral list ahead of provincial elections 44 years on, Ezidis return to Mount Shingal villages Mosul residents frustrated by slow progress in rehabilitation of city’s vital bridges Mosul’s war widows and orphans in dire conditions amid government negligence


When the guardian is corrupt
A Kirkuk provincial council meeting has cost Iraqi government 3
The Eve of the Referendum: The calm before the storm The Peshmerga at the mercy of the political parties
PUK collects forcible donations from
Fear, giving birth to IS children, doctrinal change
Grave challenges set back return of Ezidi
Is there a future for Christians and religious minorities in Iraq?


Smile Land Water Park in Kirkuk These families refuse to give up buffalo herding The Qishla of Kirkuk on the brink of collapse Khanaqin youths launch street library project A Chamchamal village residents rewarded for abandoning FGM

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Layla’s journey towards success Ibtihal turned her defeat into victory She lost her legs but never lost her spirit Najla’s dreams in a mini Iraq Rita Bahnam heals the invisible wounds of Ezidi survivors

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Despite all the challenges, Asma proved her point A worker’s long walk to life of dignity Duhok: Woman establishes learning and enlightening space for IDP camp residents Preserving the art of calligraphy in the face of limitless digital technology A wheelchair didn’t stop Osama from living his dreams
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