Two abducted brothers released in return for $70,000

Qane Jalal and Hemn Jalal are released in return for $70,000.

Layla Ahmad

 Gunmen freed the abducted brothers in return for $70,000 following agreement with their family.

The two brothers were kidnapped on February 1 in the Dawda region between Kifri and Tuz Khurmatu. After 15 days, they were released based on a deal worth $70,000.

One of their cousins, who wanted to remain anonymous, said, “on Saturday, the mother and the uncle of the two abductees went to Palkana village and gave $70,000 to the gunmen, and the gunmen decided to release them as soon as possible… they freed them on Sunday.”

Palkana is located in northwestern Kirkuk province.

Initially, the gunmen asked for $10,000 for their release, but later, they agreed on $70,000.

The family of the two released brothers refused to comment on how they reached the gunmen and how they made the agreement with them.

Hemn Jalal Isa, 34, and Qane Jalal Isa, 32, are now free, and they are farmers.

Their family explained that the gunmen spoke in Kurdish, Arabic, and Turkmen. They had three vehicles with them and took the two brothers’ car as well during the kidnapping.

Two days after their abduction, Peshmerga and Asaysh forces conducted a joint operation to free them, but the operation was unsuccessful.

The unknown gunmen on Saturday, February 1, 2020, kidnapped the two brothers in the Dawda area, located between Kifri and Tuz Khurmatu. They were going home with their wives and children from Tuz Khurmatu to Kifri.

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