Turkish airstrikes kill two and injure four civilians at Makhmur Refugee Camp

Nineveh, Makhmur Refugee Camp, 2019. Photo: Human Rights Watch

Soran Mohammed

At the Makhmur Refugee Camp, two civilians were killed four were injured due to the Turkish drones’ airstrikes, a security source inside the Camp told KirkukNow.

On Wednesday, April 15, Turkish drones shelled Makhmur Refugee camp, known as Martyr Rostam Judi camp, in the Makhmur district, Nineveh province.

A source from Jawhari Forces, which is in charge of the security of the Camp, said, “the bombardment of the two Turkish drones took place at 1:30 p.m. in which two persons martyred and four were wounded.

According to War Media Cell’s statement, the Turkish drones violated Iraqi airspace and have bombarded Makhmur Refugee camp, which took the lives of two women.

The sources added that before the shelling, the armed drones were lying over the Camp.

“The place that was shelled was the exact location Daesh [Islamic State members] attacked,” the source added.

In February this year, IS militants attacked the Camp, and the confronted took several hours.

The Turkish drones bombarded the Camp in 2018, claiming that the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) members are present in Camp. The attacks have resulted in the death and injury of civilians.

A Delegation from the Iraqi Government visited the Camp after the strikes to investigate and collect information. The spokeperson of the outgoing Prime Minister, Adil Abdul Mahdi, also condemned the attack.

Hevi Banak, a member of the administration of the Camp, told KirkukNow, “the delegation visited the location of the attack to prepare a report, and visited the wounded person.”

Makhmur Refugee Camp,  which is located 60 km south western Erbil province, houses at least 12 thousand Kurds from Tukey, who have left the country since 1990s. The Camp is officially registered by the Iraqi government and the United Nations.

Makhmur is a disputed district between the federal and regional governments. Kurdistan Regional Government administered the district from 2003 to late 2017 when the Iraqi forces put the entire disputed areas under the federal administrations.

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