Temporary medical centre for Shingal’s Giruez subdistrict

Shingal, August 2020 – a temporary medical centre has been set up in Giruez subdistrict – Photo: KirkukNow

Ammar Aziz - Nineveh

The subdistrict of Giruez (al-Qahtaniya) in Shingal District has no medical centre. Two caravans that function as a medical centre have been placed there temporarily, until the reconstruction of the old medical centre is finished.

The medical centres in the subdistrict were destroyed during the ISIS war. For any medical needs or treatments, residents would have to go to Mosul City or the Kurdistan Region.

Jalal Khalaf, the mayor of Giruez subdistrict, told KirkukNow: “Two caravans have been provided, along with a pharmacy. And we thank the health [departments] of Ba’aj and Nineveh [Province] for promising to provide medical necessities and staff until the reconstruction of the medical centre in the subdistrict is finished.”

The Federal Government is reconstructing the destroyed medical centre; the process is currency at 50%.

The district director added, "The temporary health center that was opened to provide health services to citizens is very important and represents a good incentive to encourage the return of the displaced, as citizens used to have to go to other areas and travel long distances to receive treatment, which was what was burdening them, but they are now They can get treatment inside the district."

it is a good support for returning IDPs, who until now would have to travel to far away places, which costs a lot of money and energy

Khalaf added: “The temporary medical centre that has been opened is very important for providing health treatment; it is a good support for returning IDPs, who until now would have to travel to far away places, which costs a lot of money and energy.”

The temporary medical centre was opened with the help from a local youth organization.

Khalid Ta’lo Hamo, a member of the youth organization, told KirkukNow: “At the medical centre, there are a doctor, two nurses and a pharmacist who will be providing services for people on a volunteer basis.

Medical treatment at the centre is for free. Patients get the needed medicine. All the work at the centre is our task, but officials from the health departments of Ba’aj and Nineveh have promised to send us medicine and aid from next month.”

The Giruez subdistrict consists of three sections: Siba Shekh-Khidir, Girzark and Rambusié. There are 15 villages in total.

The majority of Shingal district’s residents, including those from Giruez, fled their homes from the assault by ISIS six years ago. Even though their areas have been retaken from ISIS for several years, only a small percentage has returned, due to lack of services.

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