Woman killed, four wounded by car bomb explosion in Kirkuk

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A car bomb was detonated this morning (1 September 2020) near one of the checkpoints in Kirkuk Province. There are several casualties.

In a statement, the Federal Police says that their units from the 6th Division in the Maryam-Beg area had "thwarted an infiltration attempt by a car bomb into Kirkuk and letting it detonate in the inspection area, which resulted in wounding four personnel and the killing of a woman."

The terrorist tried to pass the inspection area, but thorough inspection has led to preventing him from entering his vehicle that was loaded with explosives.”

The statement pointed out that the bombing also resulted in "the killing of the suicide bomber who came from the al-Rashad area with the vehicle which was stolen from a citizen."

The media department for the security forces stated that "a car bomb exploded at the checkpoint of Maryam-Beg Bridge on the Tikrit-Kirkuk road, which led to the death of a woman and the wounding of three personnel."

The acting governor of Kirkuk, Rakan Saeed, siad: “A terrorist attack took place near Maryam-Beg Bridge, which confirms that there are sleeper cells that strike when they get the opportunity.”

He added that the security forces had prior knowledge, and that when security personnel approached the vehicle for inspection, the driver detonated the bomb.

Another attack took place on Monday, which resulted in the death of one soldier and wounding another from the Iraqi army with snipers and mortars at army positions in the village of al-Zanjiliya, west of Tuz Khurmatu District of Salahuddin Province.

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